Our consultations are individualized with an interview with the patient and family, physical and neurological examination and later Brain Mapping with the aim of receiving individualized treatment, with the latest neurotechnology, advances in neuroscience, the best specialists always supervised by Dr. Moises Domingo.

I have been a Physician since 1994 and dedicated my time working within clinics, as a GP or Pediatrician. Since 2011, I have dedicated my medical experience to research the electromagnetic type biomarkers that help to classify in an objective way the different neurodevelopmental disorders before the children arrive at teenage years. I also seek therapeutic targets for the neuromodulation approach for the different neurological and mental pathologies.

Dr Moises Aguilar Domingo

Infants, Teenager and Adult Plans

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Our brain-based approach goes beyond traditional psychiatry to give you the answers you want and the results you deserve